Vincent Boom, PhD, RN

I found some time ago that I have a passion for helping people by thinking outside of the box. I have earned a PhD in Nursing and firmly believe that it is a mistake to attempt to quantify people. The quantification and grouping of people leaves no room for their personal experiences to guide them to wisdom. My theoretical framework is self-management, which requires a deeper understanding of personal perspective and knowledge of the problem, in order to find an elegant solution. If one wishes to find the closest path to the truth, one must cross its path frequently and attempt to follow as closely as possible. The higher the frequency, the closer to the truth. And sometimes when we find it, the path of truth is not where we were expecting it to be…

Which is where the story of this website begins for me. Metaphorically, the path of truth seems to be trotting from somewhere in the snake-infested tall grass of left field down into the dark and sinister wild beyond the river. The path seems to be getting scarier and less friendly; therefore, many truth seekers have stopped following it. It is almost as if the truth is being intentionally cloaked from our view by a veil of fear. So, the only way to see and follow truth’s path is to overcome the fear of following. The Fear Factory must be unlocked, and I encourage everyone to do just that. It is time to think for yourself! Whom shall I fear? I guess I am going to find out…and what an adventure it will be!

Marguerite Ibes

My expectation of the world was that people would focus on commonalities, create trust and have compassion. Over the past few years, I have experienced everything that goes directly against those values. We are creating a world of againstness rather than togetherness. To maintain our freedoms, our liberties, and our way of life, it is imperative we understand the closest version of the truth to find the most right path forward. We cannot do that when we are always hijacked by fear and fed information (many times misinformation) that only aligns to one narrative and threatens our humanity. It is my hope, through this work, that we create a movement that focuses on substantiated truth (which means we have to understand all sides) and finds the right path forward for our people, our environment and our economy.

Tony McCormally

I’m a father of two high school children and I am a patriot.  I was born and raised in Iowa and relocated to the Chicago-land area after college.  Minus a brief stint in Florida, I have continued to raise my family in the Midwest and am happy to call Libertyville, Illinois my home. Recently, I have forgone my role as a silent observer in my community, and have grown into someone that wants to do more.  I want to do more to protect my individual freedom.  I want to do more to help my children take advantage of their inalienable rights as Americans, return to school, reboot their mental maturation processes, and live the life that was stripped away from all of us in March 2020.  I want to restore normalcy to my community and I want to embrace reason instead of fear. My reason for being a part of unlockthefear is to engage with other persons that want to do more in their communities, too.  I want to listen to your stories, learn about your ideas and explore ways to restore the America that we cherish every single day.  How fortunate are we to live in a time where change is possible, where all ideas matter, and the freedom that we often take for granted is still attainable.

Sean Gay

As a leader in the financial services sector, father of four, and concerned citizen we look to our elected leaders to make sound decision based on factual information. I am troubled that the information and guidance they are receiving is not rooted in fact or science. To help right these things, I became part of a group that wants to engage others in our community in truth and fact, then let the decision process take place. I reside in Libertyville, Illinois with my high-school sweetheart, Nicole, and our four children. I enjoy watching and coaching my kids’ sports activities, as well as leisure time with family boating on Lake Michigan. I am active in supporting area charities, including Lake County Haven Home and Feed My Starving Children.

Ronnie Idowu

I am an IT professional based in the Northwestern Suburbs of Illinois. I’m grateful for the freedom, liberty, and opportunities that the United States has afforded its citizens. In recent days, our human rights and lifestyle as we’ve known it is being threatened. I stand for others to be awakened to the facts because I believe that living & humanity is an essential part of life and in the survival of the future of our families, communities & the world!

Jennifer Allen

I have had a lifelong interest in relationships and emotional healing. I’ve been especially dedicated to discovering processes that create healing and therefore, lasting change. That intention spurred me to take full advantage of This Incredible Game of Life. I have explored emotion and trauma from many angles; first internally, and then helping others.

I am also a recovering western mind-set human, having to learn from scratch how to live more in harmony with Mother Earth….an on-going process of unlearning for me. I celebrate the undomesticated within myself, and others, which longs to come out into the world in the form of play and laughter! I believe in the sovereignty of each of us and that, coupled with the Golden Rule, we could steer our broken world back toward the recovery of our very own reclaimed “Garden of Eden”.

Nathan Gibson